Mountain Prenj

Most mountaineers will agree that Prenj is the most beautiful and luxurious mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina

vila sunceMountain Prenj

Boračko Jezero is located under the Prenja massif, the mountain that turned the Neretva towards the south, the mountain that stops the Mediterranean climate from the south – the mountain that has a lot of influence on life in this part of Herzegovina. And right up to that mountain, if you have the desire, our guides will take you. This is not some adrenaline tour, but certainly one of those that will completely merge you with nature. This is a tour for each of us, a tour full of fresh air, untouched nature, incredible colors. A tour that will leave you breathless.

vila sunceOne day tour

Plan of activities

After breakfast, we would transfer to the very foot of the highest peaks of Prenje – Tisovica by all-terrain vehicles. After a 2-3 hour drive, we would be ready for a walk from Tisovica to Vrutko (elevation on Tisovica) – an easy walk of an hour and a half and then a snack at Vrutko with a phenomenal view of the peaks that we will conquer after the summit. After a snack at Vrutko, we will start our most interesting peak of Prenja – Zelena Glava 2155m. With a little more effort, we are at the very top in 3 hours. A place from which you can see Konjic, Mostar on the other side and even part of Sarajevo on the third side, and if the weather is very good, maybe even the shores of the Adriatic Sea. The return itself is a bit faster, i.e. after 4 hours of walking – going down the slopes of Prenje, after that another 2 hours of driving in SUVs, we are back in the apartments, below Zelena Glava, lower by some 1700 m.

The tour to Zelena Glava is only one of our offers, in agreement with you we will choose the best solution for each of you.

EXPERIENCEA unique nature

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