Triple room

KM 200.00 / Night

A spacious guest room that can accommodate a family or a group of four. This room has two double beds or a double bed and a sofa bed, which allows everyone to sleep comfortably. The balcony is a great feature that allows guests to enjoy the fresh air and picturesque view. A private bathroom ensures that everyone has their own space to get ready and freshen up. Additionally, the room comes with amenities such as free Wi-Fi and a TV, making it easy to stay connected and entertained during your stay. All in all, the hotel’s family room is a great option for families looking for a comfortable and convenient place to stay while traveling.

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KM 50.00 / Day(s)
KM 20.00 / Total

100% Pinot Noir







Bottle size

750 mL; 850ml


Napa Valley

Prices per day

Weekdays Price
Monday KM 200.00
Tuesday KM 180.00
Wednesday KM 190.00
Thursday KM 210.00
Friday KM 220.00
Saturday KM 230.00
Sunday KM 230.00

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KM 50.00 / Day
KM 20.00 / Total

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