Due to its inaccessibility, Rakitnica Canyon is a true miracle of untouched and unexplored nature

vila sunceRakitnica Canyon

This time we are taking you to the most beautiful and one of the deepest canyons in Europe. Of course, we are talking about the Rakitnica canyon, which this “river” has been carving for thousands of years. We have prepared the below offer for you, which of course we can change in agreement with you (depending on whether you want to go down the Neretva river on rafts afterwards or simply return by van, whether you want to sleep in the Rakitnica canyon or do a one-day tour.

vila sunceOne day tour

Plan of activities

The one-day tour would start with an early breakfast, after which we would transfer by jeep (an hour’s drive) to the village of Dubočani, where we would prepare our equipment and descend to the Rakitnica canyon. This part of about 15 km to the mouth of the Neretva would be crossed by overcoming the obstacles (swimming, descending down the rope…) that this river makes with its canyon, in some places as narrow as 2m, and about 1000m high. As you can see in the picture, they would cross the entire canyon with hydrospeed boards in 7mm neoprene suits and complete protective equipment so that the relatively cold water would not cause any problems. In addition to this one-day canyoning tour, we also offer two-day arrangements that also require sleeping in the canyon in addition to everything that has already been done.

EXPERIENCEA unique nature

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