Tito’s Bunker

It is one of the biggest military secrets of the former Yugoslavia

vila sunceTito's Bunker

Tito’s bunker in Konjic was a well-kept secret for years. It was built in secret from 1953 to 1979, under the name DO ARK, to shelter Tito and his 350 closest associates in the event of an atomic disaster. This imposed space, a concrete mass structure, lies on about 6,500 square meters of space and about 300 meters deep below the surface of the earth.

The bunker was built with the intention that, in case of (atomic) war, it would function as a center of military operations (shelter for the Headquarters of the Supreme Command) and a shelter for President Tito, his family and closest associates. This facility, reminiscent of a labyrinth, with more than a hundred rooms and a completely preserved inventory (consisting of numerous residential areas, conference rooms, offices and the “presidential block”), was intended to provide a smooth life for 350 people for six months. Until the 90s, the construction (in which 4.6 billion US dollars were invested) and the existence of this bunker was the most closely guarded military secret.

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